Balance & Clarity

Harmony CBD Hemp Tincture

Discover the synergistic blend of CBD and CBG in our Harmony CBD Hemp Tincture, designed for optimal wellness. Crafted with care, this tincture is perfect for those seeking a natural way to maintain balance and clarity throughout the day.

Key Benefits

  • Holistic Relief: Combines the powerful properties of CBD and CBG for comprehensive wellness support.
  • Daytime Clarity: Specifically formulated for uplifting and clear-headed effects, ideal for daytime use.
  • Organic & Pure: Made with organic, non-GMO hemp, ensuring the highest quality and purity.



Seeking Balance and Calmness?

Discover the harmonizing effects of our Harmony CBD Hemp Tincture by Dr. Bob’s Botanicals, expertly formulated to bring tranquility and balance to your life.

CBD: The Calming Power

Our tincture is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), known for its ability to soothe the mind and body, reduce inflammation, and contribute to overall wellness.

CBG: Enhancing Harmony

Infused with Cannabigerol (CBG), this component works synergistically with CBD, enhancing the balance of your endocannabinoid system without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Maximizing Benefits: How to Use

Unlock the full potential of our Harmony CBD Hemp Tincture with these simple instructions.

Optimal Dosage

Administer your desired amount of tincture as needed, adjusting according to personal wellness goals.

Sublingual Application

For the best results, apply the tincture under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds, then swallow.

Consistent Use

For ongoing benefits, incorporate this tincture into your daily routine, adjusting the dosage as necessary for a balanced state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Harmony CBD Hemp Tincture?

Aids in achieving mental and physical balance, leveraging the calming properties of CBD and CBG.

Does this tincture contain THC?

No, it is formulated without psychoactive THC.

Is this product tested for quality?

Yes, it undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing.

Additional information

Weight2 oz

30ML, 60ML

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